Graphics that move

This is what I like doing when I'm not creating websites...well this and watch football.

The Button(Motion graphics)

Here is a video I created to support “The Button” application. I wanted to be able to show how someone could benefit from using this application. “The Button” app’s main feature is that it is very customizable. I also wanted people to be sure they understand the power of “The Button” application. I used a fun cartoon to explain how “The Button” can help a business owner.

The Coffee Crew (Motion graphics)

This short animation was created as a compliment to “The Coffee Crew” application. It briefly describes what the app can do. I created this animation using Adobe After Effects.

Patches (Motion graphics)

I began this project by designing three individual patches for Yosemite. I thought it would be great to animate these little patches. Here is the final result.