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I've created a live prototype of -anthropy using Axure RP. Click below to see it!

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There are two components to this website – the entrepreneur and the investor. The user interface and the experience of the website were specifically designed with the entrepreneur and the investor in mind. For both the entrepreneur and the investor, we know time is money, so emphasis is placed on ease of use and efficiency to save time.

Click on the monitor to take a look at the user interface.


What did you have in mind when designing this Sergio?

This design element emphasizes uniformity to the website and creates a comfortable navigation experience for the investor. It also gives each entrepreneur the same advantage as everyone else to promote their product. In addition to creating a page to showcase a product, Anthropy also allows entrepreneurs to communicate with their team, see investments made to their product, and share their progress and news updates on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. It also updates entrepreneurs of other news and events that are happening in the Anthropy world.

What do the investors see?

The investors have a different page layout. Investors can easily search for companies to invest in. It provides a large image layout, the use of large text, and a simple menu. The idea is for investors to clearly see a large beautiful image or video of the entrepreneur’s product as well as easily navigate through product information and financial forecasts. There are only four options an investor has – Invest, contact the entrepreneur, send a question to the entrepreneur, and/or share the product on their social media page, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Case Study

I held a case study of the Anthropy website to find any unclear holes in the layout or in the text content. I encountered a flaw on the original home page of the investors. The categories button was easily missed as the location of the button was in the center of the featured project. The Anthropy logo was also blending in with the featured project. This was fixed by dropping the featured application title to the bottom of the space to give room for the Anthropy logo on the top. I also moved the categories button from the middle to the top right corner of the featured app section. I continued with the walk through of the website with the user. Aside from the two issues on the investor’s page, the user understood how to create a showcase page for a product and also understood how to navigate through the menus on the entrepreneur’s page. The user also understood the investor’s page and clearly saw how to invest in a product.

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